Miracles and a higher power

One of the oldest questions surrounding the human race, is the one involving a “higher power” or “god”.  Is there a world beyond ours? A world in which we cannot see?

Mankind has been trying to give an answer to this questions since man began to walk the earth.

Ancient cavemen drew paleolithic drawings on caves, indicating the things they saw or dreamed of, possibly even relating back to an ancient belief system.

Ancient Greeks built colossal monuments to honor their polytheistic beliefs (believing in more than one god)

And Roman Catholics building magnificent structures and places for them to honor their beloved god

Religion and belief system will always be a mystery.  But the miracles that we see and hear about everyday, are what promote our belief.  For instance, many have heard the uncanny “coincidences” with Tim Tebow and his feats in NFL history, as well as many biblical similarities within his stats.  If you are unaware, click here.

In my local area, a young girl by the name of Ava was in the backseat of a car when her vehicle was hit by an oncoming truck going around 90 mph.  The backseat ended up in the front seat, and it took rescue workers 12 minutes to retrieve baby Ava.  She was not expected to live, but almost a month later, here she is taking her first breaths.  >>See Ava take her first breaths on her own after the accident 

A young girl attending my school was told that her grandmothers chest x-rays did not look good.  She has a form of breast cancer that Chemo did not seem to be treating.  Three days later, they received the best news of their lives.  The chemo actually was working despite the doctors belief.

Things like this do not go unseen in any kind of community.  Hearing these events, makes us wonder who really is calling the shots.  Everyone has their own belief system, whether your a buddhist, a christian, a jew, or an atheist, we all have some form of belief.  And we all have our own little individual explanations for miracles.

The thing is, we don’t know who’s beliefs are “real” or “correct”.  And I think that our higher powers never meant for us to know.  In fact, that wouldn’t make it much of believing if we knew the facts…now would it?

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